Catstages Kitty Slow Feeder

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Introducing the Kitty Slow Feeder – a solution designed to transform your cat’s mealtime into a healthier, more engaging experience. With mazes and ridges, this bowl challenges your feline friend to practice problem-solving skills while slowing down their eating pace.

  • Slow Your Roll: This cat bowl is engineered to extend meal times, encouraging your cat to eat at a more controlled and healthier pace.
  • Improves Digestion: The Kitty Slow Feeder promotes healthy eating habits, aids digestion, and helps prevent issues like bloat by preventing rapid food consumption.
  • Made of Food-Safe Materials: Crafted with care, this bowl is constructed from food-safe materials, ensuring it’s free from BPA, PVC, phthalates, and lead.
  • Holds 3/4 Cups: With a capacity of up to 3/4 cups of wet or dry cat food, the slow feeder cat bowl offers the perfect balance between portion control and satisfying your cat’s appetite.
  • Play It Safe: While enhancing your cat’s mealtime experience, remember that no pet accessory is indestructible. Avoid leaving the bowl with unsupervised pets, and promptly replace it if any damage occurs.
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Catstages Kitty Slow Feeder
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