Hypoallergenic Heroes: The Best Food Choices for Your Sensitive Pets

Welcome to the Marmaduke Pets blog, where we’re dedicated to the health and happiness of your furry family members. Today, we’re tackling a common concern among pet parents – allergies. Just like humans, our dogs and cats can suffer from food sensitivities, leading to a host of issues from itchy skin to digestive woes. But fear not! Hypoallergenic pet food is here to save the day, and we’ve got the scoop on the best options for your sensitive companions.

For the Pooches:

Dogs with allergies need a diet that’s not only nutritious but also gentle on their system. Here are our top picks for hypoallergenic dog food available at Marmaduke Pets:

Ultra Pet – Special Diet – Hypoallergenic: This grain and gluten-free formula uses duck meal and potato as novel protein and carbohydrate sources, supporting overall health.

Montego Karoo Venison & Lamb: Tailored for adult dogs, this food incorporates lamb and venison for easy digestion and excludes common allergens.

Luvita’s hypoallergenic range : Is formulated to support healthy coats, reproductive systems, and general well-being while reducing gut and sensitivity issues

For the Felines:

Cats with allergies require a diet that avoids common triggers and supports their well-being. Here are our top picks for hypoallergenic cat food that you can find at Marmaduke Pets:

Hill’s Prescription Diet Food Sensitivities: Available in duck or venison flavors, this food is formulated for better digestion, skin health, and immune support2.

Marmaduke’s Own Suggestions:

Don’t forget to check out Marmaduke Pets online for our exclusive suggestions. We offer a variety of pet foods that cater to the specific needs of your allergic pets.

From OLYMPIC PROFESSIONAL PUPPY food for the young ones to ACANA Puppy Large Breed Recipe for the bigger pups, we have it all5. For the feline friends, indulge them with Bon Appetit Creamy Cat Mousse in various flavors or the Sheba Cat Wet Tuna in Jelly for a delicious treat5.

Remember, when switching to a new food, especially for allergy management, it’s best to do so gradually and under the guidance of your vet.

This ensures a smooth transition and helps you monitor your pet’s response to the new diet.

Visit Marmaduke Pets online to explore our full range of hypoallergenic foods and treats. Your pets deserve the best, and we’re here to provide it!


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